Mission and team


In a rapidly changing world, we have an opportunity to promote motorsport as a viable, important and inclusive sport and industry.

The opportunity

Better collaboration between industry and education will create a more sustainable stream of talent to explore exciting opportunities and ideas.

The answer

We've created a membership platform that provides educators, professionals and students with research, insights and career development opportunities.

As a student

It should be possible for a teenager (and older) to use our services to understand their goals, find experience and enter their first job years later. Along the way, they should be able to develop the skills they need, network and learn about the industry.

As an educator or industry professional

We want each group to understand the other, what they need and what they can provide, then use the service to improve the work they do, understand how students connect with that work and make it all sustainable.

We operate out of the UK with a focus on EMEA.

However, we welcome contributions and members from all over the world and plan to expand our services into more focussed territories, including the Americas and Pan-Asia.

The Student Motorsport Team

John Paul Latham - Student Motorsport Team

John Paul Latham


John Paul (or ‘JP’) is the founder of Student Motorsport. His unique blend of experience within motorsport and education is the driver behind our purpose. He is a former lecturer of Motorsport at The College of West Anglia and has performed a variety of roles within motorsport teams, from mechanic to team manager.

JP is dedicated to supporting the next generation of motorsport professionals.  He thrives on supporting students and young professionals in reaching their full potential for a career in the motorsport industry.

Patrick Hathaway - Student Motorsport Team

Patrick Hathaway

Chief Operations Officer

Patrick Hathaway joined Student Motorsport in 2019 and has worked to transform our offering and experience. He is the CEO and co-founder of Jammy Custard Animation which has worked with big-name brands and was the founder of motorsportsuppliers.com.

To Student Motorsport, he brings 20 years of web design, web development, PR and product design experience.

Andy Lloyd - Student Motorsport Team

Andy Lloyd

PR & Media

A life-long motorsport enthusiast, Andy Lloyd’s passion for sportscar racing of all types began in the 1990s. He has attended the 24 Hours of Le Mans for over 20 years, initially as a spectator but also as a race team member and journalist.

Andy launched EnduranceandGT.co.uk in 2016 and the site has grown into a leading source for news, insight and interviews for fans of sportscar racing. Andy also contributes to other leading motorsport websites and on-line communities, his company, EGT Communications, provides media and P.R. services to teams, drivers and motorsport professionals.   

Andy is proud to serve as P.R. and Media Officer for Student Motorsport as it leads the way in supporting the next generation of motorsport professionals.  

James Harvey - Student Motorsport Team

James Harvey

Sporting Ambassador

James Harvey, DevOpsGroup Head of Academy and formerly CEO of Agile Snap, combines his passionate knowledge of software development, with industry-leading insights into practical applications of Agile and DevOps principles.

James races in the Citroen C1 Cup, the All Porsche Trophy and is an online iRacing eSports streamer flying the Student Motorsport flag.

He is also a key contributor within our resources and channels areas and key advisor to Student Motorsport.

Our advisors

Lisa Russell

Lisa is a Greenpower Trustee and has years of experience in education; as a maths teacher; project leader for the JCB Academy and as consultant to the Russell Education Group. Lisa’s advises on how to maintain the core values of what we do.

Roger Dowden

Roger is a retired senior lecturer in Motorsport and Engineering at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. He also competes in club-level UK motorsport championships. Roger brings a wealth of educator and industry knowledge to Student Motorsport.

Lindsay Orridge

Lindsay has over 20 years of marketing and comms experience in the automotive and motorsport sectors. She is the founder of the Motorsport Collective and is championing a push towards a more diverse and inclusive sport through the Driven by Diversity alliance that she founded.

Helen Phillips

Helen has over 30 years of experience of business and management within varying forms of manufacturing and engineering in the UK. Helen will advise on operations and business performance.


Over time, we expect to create a variety of positions in marketing and content creation, recruitment, sales and administration. These positions will be listed on our jobs board when they become available.


Student Motorsport is entirely self-funded and produced. We are intent on proving our concept and gaining momentum before deciding on whether to seek potential investors.