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The place to share and discuss engineering development, including design, manufacture and analysis across all disciplines.

Engineering Channel

The place to share and discuss engineering development, including design, manufacture and analysis across all disciplines.

Motorsport Engineering – Career Opportunities

Posted by: Ste_vo_91 - Posted: January 3, 2021


Hope everybody has a nice Christmas and new year. Im messaging you to see if I can get some help . I’m currently studying motorsport engineering and desire to be part a f1 race team one day, so the more people I can connect with that may be able to help me, the better.

I’m hoping with the 2021 season around the corner and even though we are still in a pandemic that my luck will change .

Even though I’m still studying, I’m looking all the time for job opportunities in f1 or any other championship, weather it’s a permanent role or an undergraduate role or possibly some works experience.

If you think you can help in anyway please let me know.

Hope your keeping safe and well.

Happy New Year Steve,

Welcome to our website, you’re in the right place for networking, our platform has been designed solely for helping the next generation of motorsport professionals like you!

We’re sure ‘your luck will change’ as you put it, you’ve made a great first step in choosing to study motorsport at the NMA and by joining us is you can start to network with like-minded people.

Pandemic or not you’ve ‘got moving’ and are actively taking steps towards a career in the motorsport industry, so give yourself some credit.

So, what exactly are you interested in working in or as? I noticed on your profile you mentioned an Engineer in F1…are we talking trackside in Data for example?

Thanks for finding the time to get to me , really appreciated.

So my ambitions is to be a race strategic engineer. Being on the pit wall to aid the drivers and the team in making the correct decisions for the best result. However if that’s not possible I like the sound of being a performance engineer also . Is this something you can help me push towards ? Weather it’s in F1 or even start smaller in the junior categories. I have contacted a few F4 teams already asking if they need engineers for the season. Think I could do with some extra help from you guys !


Morning Steve,

Ambitions…we keep seeing you use this positive word which is great and we encourage others to not be scared to use it. It’s sometimes avoided as many people can see the motorsport industry as very closed doors, and thus their ambition becomes unrealistic…it’s a real dampener.

But we’re here to show people that this is not the case and that the motorsport industry is a realistic place to work in…it’s more a case how you approach things.

Anyway, you seem to have clear aims and ambitions which is great, you say you’ve contacted a few F4 teams which is good, what approach did you use and what sort of responses have you received?

PS. We’ve added an image to this post which will help it attract more attention. Also, we are in receipt of your Work Experience enquiry form, we’re currently in the process of rolling out the information, plans and packages Covid19 dependant, of course, so please stand by we will be in touch soon to keep you in the loop.

Top Tip: Why not introduce some images to your profile to put a name to your face, a fuller completed profile will be better for when showcasing you to potential, we find career highlights also help with enquiries.

So i mainly have been contacting them by email or messaged them on linkedin , and i either get no reply’s or when i do it isn’t really anything of any help , just advise that i cant really do anything with. Last week i did ring team managers of these teams some were helpful and asked for my C.V. some said they weren’t looking and some just didn’t answer the phone.

Thank you for your help. dont hesitate to get in touch when something comes up.

All the best


Good Morning Steve,

A face to the name now…great to see you upload a cheerful profile image!

Sadly it’s not uncommon to hear about your responses from contacting companies, finding work experience and indeed jobs now further hampered by the pandemic, but not all is lost we are here to help.

Great that you are extending your reach to such as using LinkedIn, we find it useful for making business to business leads and contacts so keep that in ‘your arsenal’.

But on a positive note during this month and over the coming weeks we are ‘rolling out’ further developing our work experience area. So keep an eye out for the changes that are coming, you’ll see you mention updates on our website here and of course amongst our social channels and FB group.

In the meantime have you ventured over to our resource area, there are articles on volunteering in motorsport that have some really useful tips on how to approach people/companies that are applicable to that of work experience and indeed jobs?

Ok I will keep a look out. Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated . I will have a look in the resource area.


That’s great Steve,

Thanks for your fantastic contribution to the network to date, we are of course, on hand to support you.

No worries. I’m glad you are on hand to help. And be even more happy and grateful when I can get to my goal and get into a team for the start of the season . Fingers crossed of course.

So I’ve rang F4 and F3 teams but still not got anywhere. Preferably I can’t afford to do volunteer work even though it could land me a paid job later down the line with the team. At this moment and at 30 years old I could do with paid work. Which teams do you recommend to get in contact with that I haven’t yet so I can get a move on and get somewhere soon?


Hi Steve,

Pleased to hear that you feel we’re helping you already, it’s what we do.

Sorry to hear you have little responses from some of the formula teams out there. We do understand your situation and that you need to get into other paid work in motorsport, you are amongst many others with the same aim.

Sadly it is often difficult to ‘jump’ straight into a paid ‘hands-on’ racing job with little or no experience. The norm is to go down the route of voluntary work, work experience or an apprenticeship and work towards a paid role. Often is the case that a period of voluntary work or work experience is actually short-term so it could be a viable option for you. That said, it isn’t impossible to acquire paid work from the offset, we simply need to look at your skill-set and work to approaching organisations accordingly.

We can help you with this and will be in touch soon to discuss your options and potential organisations to approach. Keep pro-active in your search and crucially, remain positive, you’ve already made a great start.

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