The CityCar Cup

The cars provide a great year-round project - a perfect blend of performance, affordability and close racing.

A provisional 7-date calendar has been announced.

Competitors are able to purchase self-build kits from £2990 inc VAT and ready-built cars from £6995 inc VAT.

Embedded teaching

A successful race team isn't just mechanics and engineering. It’s a small business enterprise with marketable potential.

Business & Media Studies

  • Race team Set-up
  • Race team Management
  • Operations and Logistics
  • Financials and Costings
  • Business Planning
  • Hospitality
  • Media, Marketing and Public Relations
  • Sponsorship and Commercial Partnerships
  • Health & Safety

Mechanics & Vehicle Engineering

  • Car assembly and development
  • Basic set-up
  • Race Car Preparation
  • Data Acquisition & Analysis
  • Fault Diagnostics & Rectification
  • Health & Safety

What's included in your entry

We’ve designed the Challenge knowing this may be your first motor racing team.

Student Motorsport will provide guidance from start to finish; how to set-up a team; run a car and how to make it a commercial success.

  • Entry to the 2021 Student Motorsport Challenge series and awards
  • 1-year Educator and Team memberships to the Student Motorsport Platform
  • Access to our teaching material and resources covering engineering, business, media and more
  • Webinars and roundtables with field specialists, including team management, acquiring partners, parts-sourcing
  • Access to the end of year ceremony (TBC)
  • Access to exclusive discounts from key partners 
  • Car stickers required by the Trophy (req. CityCar Cup/BRSCC stickers not included)

You will still be required to register your entry to compete with the BRSCC and find a driver with a valid Motorsport UK Licence

3 Routes for entering the Student Motorsport Challenge

Build a car

Buy a road ‘donor’ car
Build the car to regulations
Source a driver and sell the drive

More teaching and learning opportunities
High return potential
Owned assets = sustainable project

Purchase 'race-ready'

Buy a pre-built ‘race-ready’ car
Source a driver or sell the drive

Easier start
High return potential
Owned assets = sustainable project


Collaborate with a driver/car owner registered or intending to register for the series

Potentially lower investment
Project parameters and risk negotiable


Whether you're an experienced course provider or a college looking to make their first steps in motorsport, we've created a comprehensive guide on entering the Challenge, including everything you'll need to consider, investment levels and how to maximise the opportunity.


Additional Contact Information

Challenge Lead
John Paul Latham

Media & Commercial
Patrick Hathaway

CityCar Cup Organisers

Photography by
Jon Elsey