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People & Careers Channel

Discuss your career progression, seek advice on your next steps and how to make the most of opportunities. Just started a job? Share your pride with the network!

People & Careers Channel

Discuss your career progression, seek advice on your next steps and how to make the most of opportunities. Just started a job? Share your pride with the network!

Routes to Become a Racecar Technician or Engineer?

Posted by: KayleyR95 - Posted: January 21, 2021

I live in Newcastle Under Lyme, I was just wondering which Colleges or best routes would be good for me to take to become either a race car technician or engineer?


Good Afternoon Kayley, welcome to the network!

Did you know that we have other female members joining us regularly? You’ll see other female members who have joined us that are also race marshals!

Anyway, it’s great to see you here, and that you are looking to take your motorsport career further. Let’s see what support we can find you, but first, we need to work out what you are really looking for.

With regards to the route, that depends on your background and ultimately the place you are working towards. You mentioned you would like to be a race car technician or an engineer both can be aimed for of course.

Can I ask are you aiming to head back to college or looking at university?

I’ve done work experience in that area and I’m currently doing work experience with a karting team too from Peterborough. My biggest concern is my GCSE grades as I only have Ds in the main subjects. I have been looking at universities because
I’ve been told I would have to go there if i wanted to be an engineer.
But I didnt know if there was another route as I’ve done work experience on cars and I’m still currently doing race car mechanics work experience with a team when they go to events.

It’s just knowing what the best places (colleges/uni) I could go to in my area that would help me get to achieve my career goal.

Good Evening Kayley,

Thanks for coming back to us on your ‘drive’ to ‘kick-start’ your career in the motorsport industry…terrible puns I know!

So are you saying you have completed a period of work experience in motorsport mechanics? I’d love to hear more details including how it went for you? And certainly, tell us more about your current work with the team you mentioned.

As for your GCSE grades, whilst D’s are not the best grades, they equally are not terrible and we can work with those to gain you entry to a college course. Remember when you look to start at a college, you will (Coivd permitting) be face to face with the lecturer/tutor that will be teaching you.

If they, like we do see your drive and determination, and what you already do to expose yourself to the industry I am sure they would always support you and give you a chance if you fall slightly short of the entry requirements, they can make exceptions.

With regards to becoming a motorsport Engineer, the university course that would help you all depends on the type of motorsport engineering you are interested in becoming?

With regards to your next educational move, don’t worry so much about where we can support you with that, we have an exhaustive list! Let’s focus on what it is you want to do post-education and work backwards.

When you have thought and discussed the above, think hard about the type of role, and the area of the industry you want to work in, for example, a race car engineer (chassis/systems set-up/analysis) in F3 and add it to the end of your reply here.

After college going wrong due to transport problems. I met someone from drive thru at work who worked for MSVR he told me to mention his name in a email and get into marshalling first just to get my foot in the door.

End of 2017 I registered with the MSA to become a rally marshal, In 2018 i then started marshalling on the tracks and I happened to get the opportunity to marshal at the pit lane and start line st Rockingham . Not knowing the person I was working alongside was actually a racing driver for a team that was there that day. I told her what I was really aiming to achieve eventually and she introduced me to the team. I ended up working with the team up to the end of 2019. The main job I had with them as they had 6 cars. I would go round and check everything torque wheels up and make sure the cars the harnesses in the vehicles, oil level tyre pressure and tread depths were how they should be ect. This team have said that they are more than happy to give me reference if anybody needed one from me.
The experience was amazing for the fact i knew at that point I picked the right job in the right industry everything felt right.
The team were supportive they got me into scrutineering which I’m about to upgrade from trainee to proper official.
They still keep in touch now and they always got me involved and made feel part of the team.
This lead to me again at my normal retail job I got asked why I was working in retail and said the same as above about working and added I’m using the money I’m getting to help fund my progress to my career goal. He happened to be a sponsor for a racing driver in peterborough who are in a team based in Birmingham called DCS Motorsport I’m currently still working for them as they will be training me up starting with the karts until im able to work on my own along side the mechanic (head of the team) here I actually do use tools to help with repairing or get the karts set up. The driver numbers are going up so I’m looking forward to meeting the drivers and getting stuck into the work again. Although I’m not qualified yet it does feel like I’m living the dream when I’m on the track them and the old team 🙂

I’m willing to go back to college if I have to and move on to university as my career aim is to become a race car engineer and get the chance to work with the redbull racing team. I love working in the WRC but would love to be part of a race team too.

I just wanted to go the correct way about it l. I dont want to run before I walk and get stuck.

Morning Kayley,

Goes to show that no matter where you are you’re never far away from someone that has an interest or that is connected to the motorsport industry. You often find that it’s just as important who you know as what you know and thus why networking is so important in this industry.

Interesting how you ended up working for the racing team, again through a referral which I assume was DCS Motorsport. (I’d recommend you adding this and your Marshall work to your career timeline on your profile here)

Sounds like you have been carrying out the role of a number 1 mechanic given all the tasks and responsibilities you were given, and the fact that they have offered you a reference speaks volumes about the good work you carried out.

To me, given your feelings on the experience you had with DCS it’s clear that you are aiming for a paid role in motorsport mechanics? In addition, I think you are doing the right thing remaining in motorsport marshalling and possibly scrutineering, this is a great way to give back to the industry and keep you well networked.

What you have touched on about your retail job is right, many people that are not in full-time motorsport employment often have a job to fund their progress, so stay true to this and your chance will come. I’m a great believer that you need a job, to find another job and it’s a great motivational tool and way to drive your progress.

With regards to your career development, if your aim is to be a race car engineer a college course and eventual degree will support your goals.

Have you started to look at where you could study? This resource will help identify which colleges that offer motorsport are close to you:

Exit 13 was the first initial team I worked for in the Hyundai coupe championship. They helped introduced me to a scrutineering mentor that interviewed me and took me on. Hoping to upgrade this year. DCS Motorsport I’m still currently doing work experience with. Just waiting on dates.

I have added them all to my profile and I’m looking for colleges but most of them do just normal motor vehicle. Could I progress onto the degree course if I did normal motor vehicle or would I have to do the motorsport course ?? Just wanted to double check. Plus will I need to re do my maths and english again ?

Update : I’ve applied for one of the colleges that was listed on the link so thank you JP. Just awaiting response from them now. I’m hoping with what I’m currently doing they wont mind me having D grades and doing my maths and english there too along side the course too.

Hi Kayley,

Exit 13 is a great name for a team, a good to hear they supported you with your move to scrutineering, we often hear about great success stories like this.

As for DCS and the work experience you are doing there, will you keep us updated on that? Perhaps share some of your experiences and pictures in the mechanic’s channel for example?

As for your college course, yes you could progress to a degree for a ‘regular’ automotive course, but where possible we recommend undertaking motorsport course at college and they accept and will support you to work towards passing your GCSE’s in Maths and English which I am sure you will!

Thanks for the update on your application to college, do let us know how that goes, and if you need to do an interview we can help you with some interview tips.

Good Afternoon Kayley,

I hope all is well, do you have thoughts on our response from back in February, we’d love to hear more from you.

Have you resumed your marshalling duties now the motorsport is starting to move again?


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