Race Car Engineering and Analysis

An overview and insight into the key areas of race car engineering and analysis, race car setup and the important activities that take place during a motorsport event.
JP · April 11, 2021

Welcome to the Race Car Engineering and Analysis Guide!

This course is designed to point out and create a better understanding of the key areas and activities involved in race car preparation in terms of setup, engineering and analysis.

Racing car engineering and analysis is centred around the final preparation of a race car, and in that, we mean the final adjustments that maximise the potential handling characteristics of the race car, and thus the geometrical setup. Motorsport racing teams invest a large amount of time and money on the operation of a racing team, the development of a racing car and its subsequent setup for competitive events. Although the time they spent at the circuit might be during a media day, test or race event the team’s activities in terms of race car setup and analysis are all centred on improvements and performance.

Here comes the important part. The single most important piece of race car performance is its set-up, in that we refer to areas such as the wheel and suspension alignment and those final important adjustments. Remember a winning racing car can quickly lose its competitive advantage, not simply (in some cases) because the driver has lost his edge, but all too often due to poor setup and preparation.

Throughout these lessons, we’ll cover a range of areas from set-up basics, tools and equipment, geometrical changes through to event activities and analysis. These important activities and set-up procedures are what takes place prior to and during competitive motorsport events, so a good understanding is crucial to help prepare a winning race car.

The information and guidance found within has been developed and written to be mindful of and include those with differing skills and knowledge levels, so please be aware we’ve covered a wide range and level of competencies when we developed our guides. We’re confident that there’s something here to learn and take away for everyone whether you’re an enthusiast, perhaps a student enrolled on a motorsport course, maybe an amateur racecar driver looking to build and race their very own racecar, right through to a well-seasoned racing team looking to venture into a new racing competition.

The lessons within this course may refer to and also be linked to several other documents in our overall resources including those entered into the Student Motorsport Challenge.

Best wishes for the start or continuation of your motorsport career!

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