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People & Careers Channel

Discuss your career progression, seek advice on your next steps and how to make the most of opportunities. Just started a job? Share your pride with the network!

People & Careers Channel

Discuss your career progression, seek advice on your next steps and how to make the most of opportunities. Just started a job? Share your pride with the network!

A Female Driver – First Steps to Sitting on the Grid!

Posted by: EmmaB - Posted: January 7, 2021

Hi Everyone!

As some of you may of seen in some of my earlier posts I currently help to run my younger brother Tom but it has always been my dream to get in the car myself. Ever since I was young I have memories of going racing watching my dad and always saying that I want to be in that car one day to follow in his footsteps and now Toms, over the last few years me getting in the car has taken a back seat as I have concentrated on other parts of motorsport however now I am more eager than ever to get on track.

Over the last few weeks I have seen several articles about Formula Woman for Women who have no over very little racing experience, although i have mainly been in the Formula Ford Paddock I saw this as a fantastic opportunity to explore a new series although I will always be part of the paddock. After a few days of thinking and considering the pros and cons or registering for the series I have decided to register my interest in the series.

I am now waiting to hear about the next stage of it which is to be invited to an assessment day at one of the circuits in the UK where I will be assessed on my driving skills, once I have been assessed on my driving skills if they are happy I will then be invited for a second assessment day at a later date where I will once again be assessed on my driving but also my media skills.

Fingers crossed that this all goes well as if I make the final day and they are happy the prize for this is to be given the chance to then compete in a full season in the series with the races being shown on TV.

As I am waiting to hear when my first assessment day will be I am continuing to build the Formula Ford ready for the new season which starts Easter weekend Covid permitting with a great weekend to start the year off supporting the British GT’s.

I will continue to keep you all updated with the various stages of the Formula Woman and also the continued preparation of the formula ford where if I am not driving myself I will be continuing to look after Tom!

Hopefully see some of you at the circuit soon!



Hi Emma,

Another nice insight into your motorsport career journey!

So, let’s get this right, you are working towards a career in hospitality, and also have aspirations of becoming a female driver too… it’s fantastic to see you setting yourself this goal!

I’ve personally had the chance to work with a number of female drivers such as Alice Powell, Beitske Visser and Jemma Moore, it’s great to see an ever-increasing number of female drivers stepping into motorsport…you can achieve this.

Interesting to also see a return of Formula Woman, I am sure this will inspire many as it has with you to get involved, will you keep us updated as to how your application and progress goes there?


You have got that right both have always been a dream of mine both to drive my dads and now Toms championship winning car and is my goal to be in the same race as Tom at the same time one day as we have 2 cars!
Working in hospitality has become a dream ever since i was around 9 and i used to help look after drivers families showing them where the kettle was. As i have grown up it has always been there that i still want to work in hospitality.

During lockdown it has given me chance to sit down and consider my dreams and both are just as important to me! I have just sent off for my race license pack so both are picking up speed all of a sudden! Lets hope we can go racing this year!

I have met Alice a few times and she has always taken time to speak to me which i have always appreciated!

I will most definatley keep you all updated with both and how it is going.

Good Afternoon again Emma,

This is turning into quite an insightful post here, your passion and determination are ‘shining through’!

I am sure that other members will agree that it is nice to hear that you don’t only want to ‘be a driver’, but you’re also working towards a career in hospitality, to which you’ve eluded to on other posts in the network. It’s always great to hear how people support and contribute to the industry that we enjoy and benefit from.

Thank you for keeping us updated on your progress…from ‘race licence’ to applying for Formula Woman. I suppose there are many steps to come such as race equipment, training and track day to gear up towards racing. It’s going to be interesting to hear about each step and see you share it amongst the members in the network.

Good Afternoon JP

I am glad that my determination is showing through!

The determination is now starting to pay off and it is really starting to pick up pace now! I have always said that I want to race but also give back to the sport that we all know and love, this season is certainly looking like it is going to be a busy one as long as covid allows as I have also renewed my Marshalling license to help give more back to the sport as well!

I will continued to keep you all posted as it all progresses I know where I am doing my first track day in my formula ford which will take place at the lovely Anglesey circuit, sadly I am not sure when this will be yet as no dates are being released at the moment. The way things are at the moment if i do not make it to formula woman then i will use the rest of the year to test my car at various circuits to gain more experience in the car.

Fingers crossed I will be able to give another update shortly regarding my hospitality experience too!

Hi Emma,

I forgot about your marshalling, great that you are effectively ‘giving back’ to the motorsport industry, what a way to support the industry we love! I am sure some of the other members will be looking to get involved in marshalling too.

Ah as for the first test you do, Anglesea is a great choice, lovely circuit and a fantastic surface there. Do choose a day when the weather and wind are fair though!

As for your application/progress in Formula Woman, it really does look like a great incentive and did very well in 2004, they saw 10,000 initial applicants and 1000 ion the first few weeks of this year’s competition!

For anyone that is interested and yourself of course here is an interesting podcast/interview with the founder Graeme and a link to their page:


Formula Woman website:

A source also tells us you are making good progress with your hospitality aims, but we’ll wait to hear from you on that on your other posts.


Marshalling is a fantastic way to give back to the sport and I am about to start my 9th season! All be it the last few years have been very minimum after other commitments.

Anglesey and fine weather doesnt usually come in the same sentence does it? I do really enjoy the circuit though and the views!

It looks a really good incentive in regards to the Formula Woman which is what drew me to it as well, unfortunately it is unlikely i will know more about my assessment day until we know more about lockdown restrictions.

I will make sure I have a listen to the podcast as I am sure it would be an interesting listen.

Your source is correct I will update you all very shortly!


Wow 9 years, that is fantastic to hear! Very true about giving back, without the fantastic ‘orange army’ as they are known we wouldn’t see or be able to take part in as much motor racing as we do.

Anyway, we look forward to seeing your further updates and best wishes with the application to Formula Woman and your general racing activities!

Afternoon JP

Yes 9 years and not looked back once it is great being part of the ‘orange army’ as you have said yourself without them we are not able to go racing. I became even more thankful of the orange army and they really are an army about 2 years ago when my brother had a big accident at Silverstone, after completing the training myself every year it was re assuring knowing that he was in safe hands and they would look after him.

Thank you I will be able to provide another update very shortly regarding one of my ambitions!

Hi again Emma,

We’re building quite a thread on here!

I remember the big accident Tom had, it’s good to see he was ok and has continued to race and excel!

You’ll see other female members have joined us that are also race marshals, there are at least 3 of you on here now.

Keep up the good work, updates and we look forward to hearing more on your motorsport career.

Evening JP

Yes Tom certainly wont forget that one either and what was even more amazing is he was out the very next day after the accident even though it was in the now championship winning car! hopefully the car that he had the accident in will be re built and on track soon!

Thats great news that there are more female members joining and more of the orange army! I did see the interview with the lovely Kalie I have had the pleasure of marshaling with her a few years ago!

Thank you I will continue to keep you all updated on my career and thank you for everyone’s help and support so far!

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