Reply To: Different roles of management in motorsport?

  • JP Latham (Student Motorsport)

    April 11, 2022 at 12:15 pm

    Good Morning Ismail,

    Welcome to Student Motorsport, it’s great to see you’ve started such an interesting discussion here.

    Adding to @smo_patrick response, I would like to add some examples of the types of management roles you see in motorsport and also Formula 1 which may influence some thoughts on this discussion or indeed, and I am assuming here, your aims are for a career in the sport.

    Starting from ‘the top down’ per se:

    1. Company Owners or Executives – These roles (which of course takes much time to work up to) are focused on the management of activities across the business and focus on key decisions and ‘commercial direction’.

    2. Finance – Managing financial funds, budgets, legalities, payroll, sponsorship, spending and tax areas of the business – cash flow and finance are integral to business success.

    3. Human Resources – Motorsport is driven by people, and those people need guidance and support or the business will simply not function well.

    4. General Area Managers – There are of course (racing team/organisation size dependant) a whole host of managers within a motorsport racing team or business.

    Examples here include: IT, Marketing, Sponsorship, Hospitality, Administration, Purchasing, Material and Stores, Paint/Bodyshop, Assembly, Design/Development, Analysis, Race Team, Logistics…the list goes on!

    Example Accountabilities: Staff coordination, target setting/assessment, planning, staff reviews, local budgeting, area development.

    Hope this helps.