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Race Day Channel

Whether watching at home, trackside or in the pits, share your views and insights on the action.

Race Day Channel

Whether watching at home, trackside or in the pits, share your views and insights on the action.

2021 Race Season is go!

Posted by: EmmaB - Posted: April 8, 2021

Hi, I hope everyone is well and your race seasons are able to start soon!

Our first race of the season took place on Saturday 3rd April at Oulton Park, it was great to be back at the circuit, not only did it mark the start of the season, but it also allowed us to welcome a new member to DBR Motorsport and fellow Student Motorsport member Morgan Gaskill-French (MKRGF).

It was great to welcome Morgan who got straight into completing tasks for the team soon as we stepped on track! Morgan was happy to be involved in activities such as checking and setting tyre pressures, torquing the wheels and other vital roles throughout the race day including supporting drivers in the assembly area and the pitlane before sessions started.

Saturday presented a mixture of events for us, we were running two cars within the team, one of the cars driven by one of our drivers Trevor had a misfire above certain revs in qualifying and race 1 but we were able to clear the misfire for race two a Morgan also got to grips with fault finding which was great. Trevor was able to complete his fastest time around Oulton Park which made a positive finish to the day for him and the entire team.
Our second car was driven by Karl who was returning to Oulton Park for the first time in several years, we were thrilled to see him improve every time he went out on track. Morgan assisted with the check on this car throughout the day and controlled the pit board for Karl whilst learning new things about racing throughout the day.

Karl had a very good qualifying and race one, but sadly his engine had issues in the second race and he was forced to retire the car in order to avoid causing damage. Although it was a slightly disappointing end of the day for him, he still was happy with the day And his improvements in lap times. The team are now already prepping the car ready for the next round.

Weekend Results:

Qualifying – P8
Race 1 – DNF
Race 2 – P5

Qualifying – P6
Race 1 – P6
Race 2 – DNF

Unfortunately, the teams reigning champion Tom Brown chose to sit this one out, however, he was still at the circuit providing driver support and coaching to both Trevor and Karl. Tom is hoping to jump back into his car within the next couple of rounds, we will update you with his race schedule once he has confirmed himself!
I would like to say a warm welcome and massive thank you to Morgan for all her support on Saturday and we look forward to seeing her back at the next round.

The team now look to the next round which takes place on Sunday 25th April at Donington Park where once again we will be welcoming back both Trevor and Karl and possibly another driver back to the team! Watch this space as we continue our season and grow as a team, I will keep you all updated as the season goes on and when our Champ is getting back into the seat!


Had such a great time at Oulton Park with Emma and the rest of DBR! It was my first time at a track not as a spectator and I loved it. Everyone was very helpful and patient with me and I learnt a lot. I massively appreciate the chance to get some track experience and am so grateful to the team for giving me the opportunity. Can’t wait for the next round!!

Great to hear that you had a good time, Emma was complimentary of your efforts!

What areas did you feel you learned in and is there anything that stood out as a highlight?

Was great to have you as a valuable member of the team on Saturday Morgan glad to hear that you enjoyed it and are looking forward to the next round!

Lets hope Donington is a little warmer than Saturday was.

Music to our ears here Emma! Well done for reaching out and supporting others in gaining valuable work-related experience. We can’t wait to hear and see more!


It has been brilliant to be able to welcome Morgan to the team and has become a very valuable member of the team!

Its great to be able to give a fellow member a chance to gain valuable work related experience and safe to say these first two race weekends has involved a lot of hands on experience!

I will update over the next couple of days regarding the last race weekend!

I have to say a massive thank you and well done to Morgan for the superb effort that she has put in over the race weekends and taken everything in her stride.

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