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People & Careers Channel

Discuss your career progression, seek advice on your next steps and how to make the most of opportunities. Just started a job? Share your pride with the network!

People & Careers Channel

Discuss your career progression, seek advice on your next steps and how to make the most of opportunities. Just started a job? Share your pride with the network!

Internship Summer 2021

Posted by: clougho - Posted: February 23, 2021


Hi, I am a Junior Criminology student and wish to pursue a job in motorsport after graduating this winter 2021. I am looking for an internship this summer but am having issues doing so because most of the openings are engineering. Does anyone know or have any tips for me of where to look or find an internship in security or anything similar to my degree? Open to any options. I also just started a marketing minor. Thank you all!

Good Morning Owen,

Thanks for joining us and welcome to Student Motorsport!

First up we wish you well on your graduation later this year, I have a family member that also studied Criminology it is a fascinating subject.

So moving onto what I suppose we could see as your ‘change of career plan’ let’s work out ‘why motorsport’ and what interests you about this industry and what sort of role you see yourself in.

For example, we can do two things here, first, we could see what we can fit against your Criminology degree in gaining experience in security as you mentioned, or alternatively investigate a new route and figure out what type of motor racing are you interested in.

If you are looking for a ‘shift in career’ you could for example do something not related to your Criminology degree, in this case, for example, NASCAR or Formula 1, and you could consider looking to do a hands-on role such as a mechanic or race engineer, or perhaps a design or marketing role to match your new studies? You are young enough to consider this change.

We look forward to hearing more and supporting you in your motorsport journey!

Hi, Thank you for reaching out and responding. I had a lot of thought about what I wanted to do career wise with my major, and frankly, nothing to do with politics or policing interested me. Especially when I had an internship on a campaign for state Senator. Motor racing, more specifically formula 1 and Indycar have been my main focus. I have always loved watching racing and follow it religiously, so to me, making a career Involving something u love seemed to make the most sense. I know my major makes it hard for me to find internships or jobs because many look for engineers, but it is something I want to try and get involved in. I decided to do a marketing major in order to broaden my knowledge, and it is something I would be willing to use for a career. I am just unsure of my next steps to get Involved in motorsport and more specifically, trying to find an internship that would allow me to start a career. A race engineer is certainly something I have explored recently, but haven’t looked in depth enough. I am trying to see what my degree in criminology could get me a job or internship in within motorsport. Security is an option, but if there are others I am open to it. I think a career in motorsport would make me happy, and as you said, I am young enough to explore this and see if I can make a career from it.

Hi Owen,

You are welcome, it is what we are here for, we’re happy to support you with the advice you need.

It’s good to hear you are a fan of motorsport. To be honest, if you have a healthy interest in the sport you’re more likely to do better in your career and crucially enjoy your working life.

So you say your major makes it hard for you to find a job in motorsport? Yes, I suppose in some ways this is true, but consider this. Motorsport is not simply about an engineering route, and secondly, it’s perfectly normal to change your mind from what you have started to study, to what you what to work in when you graduate. The important thing is, is to complete your major and show employers you have the tenacity to do so…never quit.

So now is the time you really need to consider what your steps could be:

1. You complete your criminology major and try to enter into motorsport with what education you have, but your success will depend on what job/sector you want to work in. (How long have you left on your current degree course?)
2. You look to switch course asap and gain the educational background you need.
3. You look to broaden your skills and knowledge by gaining motorsport experience to go with your current major.

BUT, these considerations can only come after the ultimate question is answered:

If you are looking for a ‘shift in career’ you need to narrow down some options as to what you would like to do then we can look to see how this is achievable.

You mentioned engineering, a race engineer is achievable but will be very difficult without an educational background. In this case, you would need to work up from a race mechanic role to gain the fundamentals and background knowledge and experience required.

You also mentioned a role in security, can you elaborate on what you are referring to here?

I am on track to graduate with the minor in Marketing Fall 2021. As for experience to go along with, I am in the process of looking for internships this summer so I can gain some experience before I graduate. I guess what I could do is graduate and hopefully find a job in motorsport. From there I could look for a master in what I decide the sector u want to pursue. Does that sound like the best option for me? Thank you again

Good Afternoon Owen,

I hope all is well? Sorry, I have been a little tied up recently and thus slow getting back to you.

It’s great to hear that you are on track to succeed and get your marketing minor later this year. I do recommend that you complete your Criminology degree and marketing minor, this will do two things:

1. Firstly it will show potential employers that you have the tenacity and determination to start and complete a good level of educational course.
2. Secondly despite this being criminology and marketing, as previously discussed there are things you can apply and use to your benefit within the motorsport industry.

From here I would recommend:

1. Look for work experience in the US in a motorsport racing series you are interested in. (Open wheeler?)
2. Look to try differing job types and when you feel you have found your fit, perhaps a hands-on mechanics role, then more data and engineering-based to give you a broader range of experience.
3. Once you have completed a good amount of experience I would recommend you further your studies in the motorsport field finding a suitable degree or masters to suit your long term career goals.

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