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Race Day Channel

Whether watching at home, trackside or in the pits, share your views and insights on the action.

Race Day Channel

Whether watching at home, trackside or in the pits, share your views and insights on the action.

Keeping racing in the family!

Posted by: EmmaB - Posted: November 11, 2020

Ever since I can remember I have always been involved in motorsport from travelling around the country watching my dad race in Formula Fords.

When my dad wasn’t racing he looked after other drivers. I remember finishing school on a Friday and travelling straight to a race circuit with the team DBR Motorsport. As the years have gone by my dad has stopped racing, and has given way to my younger brother who starting in Karting and Ginetta Juniors effectively following in my dad’s footsteps progressing to racing in Formula Fords.

Ever since my brother Tom took part in his first race meeting I have always been there as a crucial role in the race team, going around the UK and also a visit to Zandvoort in 2019 which was an experience in itself!

On a typical race weekend, it is my role to ensure that pitboard is on the wall and I control the pitboard every time my brother is on track. I always ensure that he has the information that he needs whilst in the car.

When I am not doing the pitboard I’m constantly keeping an eye on the running of the team during the event and keep the team informed on how long they have got until we need to be heading to the assembly area for the next session. I assist with the movements of the cars and always head to the assembly area with my brother ensuring he is ready and happy in the car before he goes out on the track.

Although these are my main roles during a typical race meeting I’m also there to help mechanically when required, which includes helping to make sure that the car is prepped, to collecting parts if we need to replace anything.

The 2020 season has definitely been a different one thanks to Covid 19 virus which stopped me from going to some of the circuits we race at. However, we’ve made the most of the situation even though I could not be there in person to support the team and my brother.

Even though I have not been able to always be there carrying out my duties such as the pit board, I still sat at home during every session on my laptop relaying the information to my dad who was in charge took over my role for the few meetings that I had to miss.

During these difficult times, we have seen highs and lows, the highlight for the 2020 season has to be rejoining the team at Silverstone’s Walter Hayes Trophy after a very late entry. I was really looking forward to rejoining them and playing a role in the team once again, and it’s safe to say we had our ups and downs that weekend. We suffered damage during testing and having to rebuild the front corner of the car.

Tom was taking it easy during the session in order to look after the car ready for the championship decider the following weekend, so I suppose a rebuilt helped in some ways.  After repairing the damage on Friday and being ready to line up on the grid for the main grand final was a massive achievement, I was so proud to be sat alongside my brother in the assembly area, it felt like a great privilege.

Fast forward to the second lockdown our championship decider was postponed until (hopefully) December, and I am already looking forward to the last round and joining the team back for the weekend.

Taking part in the team and continuing to develop my experience and knowledge of motorsport and team operations including car mechanics is a goal of mine for the 2021 season…keep a lookout for me and the team at UK circuits.

I’ll keep you all updated!


Fab incite, Emma! There’s definitely a lot to be proud of.

What tasks do you enjoy the most?

To be honest i enjoy every aspect of the race day/ weekend although if i could only choose one it would have to be doing the pit board as it helps me feel like I am part of the action! not quite so nice when its cold and raining but I certainly would not change it, I am now looking forward to finishing this championship off and then start the work ready for next season!

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