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Mechanics Channel

Pull apart some ideas and get your head around others. Discuss car builds, troubleshooting, workshops and advice for mechanics.

Mechanics Channel

Pull apart some ideas and get your head around others. Discuss car builds, troubleshooting, workshops and advice for mechanics.

mechanical apprenticeship/ work experience

Posted by: charlesbrough - Posted: May 11, 2021

Hello, I’m new here and looking for some sort of work experience trackside. Towards the end of last year to now I have been getting in contact with as many teams as possible across the UK from btcc, to British F3 offering free labour in order for me to gain experience however its been quite difficult due to COVID. I’m more than happy to travel to where ether is necessary, so if anybody has advice or would like to speak more if they know of an offer I would greatly appreciate it

best of wishes 🙂


Good Morning Charles,

Welcome to Student Motorsport, it’s great to have you on board with us!

We’re pleased to hear you came across us via the IMechE, can you advise where you found us on their website, we’d be interested to know if you recall?

Your drive to find the experience is great! Relevant skills, and crucially knowledge is lacking in our industry and is key to getting you on the right path to success!

So let’s get started, can you tell us a few things?

1. What fields/areas of motorsport interest you other than (for example) becoming a mechanic in a hands-on role, you mentioned track-side experience in your profile?

2. What sort of racing interests or inspires you, for example, single-seaters or bikes or something farther afield such as air racing or motocross?

3. Do you have any motorsport experience to date?

It’s also great to see you have completed a good bit of information on your Student Motorsport profile which will help you get the most out of our network. Perhaps now add a profile image as it is always nice to be able to ‘put a face to your name’. Future employers out there will be interested in taking a look at your educational background, your interests and of course, see what your aims are so keep up the good work!

We can start to investigate opportunities for you to gain experience once we have learned a little more about you, now that Covid (finger crossed) is easing we are moving into a higher gear to start looking into placing our candidates and will keep in touch on this. In addition, more news will become available on our placements page of the website in the coming weeks! As you know gaining work experience at the best of times can be tricky but we’ve created a cool document on volunteering here which will help kick start things and give you some top tips from us:

Hello JP thanks for finding the time to reply.
Me and my mentor from college had searched for motorsport on the website and found a link to student motorsport.

The mechanical side of motorsport interest me the most, I’m studying a level 3 extended diploma in advanced manufacturing and engineering at the moment and I’m on for a distinction, however there is no practical activity and I would like to be a race technician/ mechanic in the future so I’ve recently enrolled to do a level 2 race technician course at the national college for motorsport in Silverstone.

Single seaters and f1 is passion, my aim is definitely to make it to formula 1. Although I love motorsport so working with GT cars Indy cars and the world endurance championship really interest me and I would like to work with them in my career at some point.

I have no hands on experience at the moment which is why I’m looking for something like that now, even if it’s just washing body work or making cups of tea.

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