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Pull apart some ideas and get your head around others. Discuss car builds, troubleshooting, workshops and advice for mechanics.

Mechanics Channel

Pull apart some ideas and get your head around others. Discuss car builds, troubleshooting, workshops and advice for mechanics.

Motorsport engineering work experience for college student in South England

Posted by: BenHughes - Posted: March 27, 2021


I have just registered up to this platform and I came here looking for opportunities for a college student. I start a motorsport engineering course with Fareham college in September and I am looking in advance for any experience I can gain in the motorsport world in the year 2022. I am limited to travel until I pass a driving test in 2022, but I would try my hardest to travel a little in Hampshire. If there is any local opportunities that anyone is sure of, or maybe a chance to zoom call an engineer and gain some experience that way, any help will be helpful.

It may be too early to try find some experience for next year, but I would appreciate any help and guidance. I am asking early because I want to show I am eager and set myself apart from others. My dream is to get into Formula 1 as an engineer. My email is [email protected] If someone could get back to me with any help, I will appreciate it a lot,

Many thanks,



Good Afternoon Ben,

Thanks for becoming an important part of our community! We look forward to seeing you in and amongst the forums and supporting you in your career aims.

We’re seeing an increasing number of students from colleges joining us which is great, we’re thrilled to see you are starting out in a career in the motorsport industry! You like many others are looking to secure work experience which is crucial to your development, your early drive to find the experience required in this industry is key to getting you on the right path to success!

So let’s get started, can you tell us a few things?

1. What fields/areas of motorsport interest you other than becoming an F1 Engineer, this industry and job type are far and wide-ranging? (We can’t locate any information on your profile in interests or highlights for example so it’s difficult to see what your interests are.)
2. Are you interested in a hands-on role, a data-based role or a management area in the future?
3. Have you considered mechanics, development, design, manufacturing or data analysis or car systems/performance for example?

Top Tip: (We share this with many of our new members)

We REALLY recommend you complete a full Student Motorsport profile (with as much detail as possible) so you get the most out of our network. It’s also nice to be able to ‘put a face to your name’. We’re interested in taking a look at your educational background, your interests and of course, see what your aims are, and there are future employers out there looking to do the same.

If you have a completed profile it speaks volumes about you, it’s not just about the posts you create or questions you ask, people want to see who and what type of person creates them.

Firstly I want to apologise for the time it took for me to respond.

1. To be completely honest, I do not know anything specific as my current knowledge of mechanics in motorsport is what you hear from formula 1. I thought that when I start my college course and I start learning about the mechanics in motorsport I may find a specific thing that interests me the most. All I know is that I am striving to become a mechanic in formula 1, being there on a race day, watching as the car that I helped to get onto the track is in fact on the track and in the competition.
2. For sure, I am interested in a hands-on role, that is the whole reason I want a career in engineering and specifically motorsport engineering because I prefer to get stuck in and do some work. To develop my career as I get older and get a management position is of course another big aim, I would work hard to get there and know I got there from working hard.
3. I have considered a lot of things. I do believe that once I am in my college course and I am learning about motorsport engineering, I will see that one area of motorsport engineering that I want to take into my career. Only having limited experience in the motorsport world, I think that I need to explore and dive into everything behind motorsport and find the right thing for me.

I will definitely develop my profile, this seems like a helpful place to help me in the development of my motorsport career.

Good Evening Ben,

That’s perfectly fine, we’re all busy so no need to apologise.

In response:

1. Well Formula 1 has struck up an interest for you which is great so don’t worry, you are over the starting line so to speak which is great, and you are of course looking ahead to next year which is fabulous! I think it would be great to get you involved with a team in single-seaters at a ‘grassroots level’ for example in F1000 or Historic Formula Ford, you’ll be exposed to all the basics but crucially fundamentals that are required right up to Formula 1! We can start this process towards the end of this year, giving us time to get you prepared for the 2022 season in early 2022.

2. A hands-on approach is a good way to go if you are looking for a career in a team-based and mechanics role so let’s focus on that certainly for now, but it’s always good to keep your options open.

3. Keeping your options open as we noted it key, but the beauty of starting out at a grass-roots level is that you’ll be most likely involved in many other areas such as data, engineering (performance), repairs and driver support so you’ll have the chance to explore the wonderful industry.

We look forward to seeing you develop your profile, feel free to post as frequently as you like in any of the channels to strike up conversations, now is the time to prepare for 2022 which is not a million miles away!

Good evening,
thank you very much for the help, I feel I am definitely going to benefit from this platform in the future. I start college in September and so will be more active on here once I undergo the course. I hope that you can help me secure some precious work experience to build up my cv. I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Many thanks,

Good Morning Ben,

You are most welcome, and we will make sure you do benefit!

I hope you are looking forward to college in September, I am sure you will have a great time at Fareham. In the meantime do think about how you can best prepare yourself before the start of your course, getting ready and a head start will really help when you start at college and will impress your tutors, here are some tips:

1. Ensure you have read the course material available, such as modules you may be studying. Do you know what modules the course includes in year 1 for example?
2. Do some background reading on what motorsport or extra-curricular activities the college is involved with and crucially show interest. Are they engaged in any activities this season, perhaps you can get involved now?
3. Network now, for example, are there any social media groups or pages for the college or motorsport team you can get involved in?
4. Good travel plans are key to ensuring you turn up on time are punctual.
5. Reading and a healthy mindset of self-study, start to prepare yourself for teamwork and independent working on this type of course. For example, reading around the subject with help you get into the practice of self-study. Start to read and research now on some of the subject areas for example event regulations or vehicle systems to help you get used to the ‘step-up’ from school working to college level.
6. First day/week readiness is something to consider leading up to September. Do you have everything you need such as PPE, equipment for study and documentation such as ID, grade certificates for that important enrollment week?

Hope this helps!

Good morning,
I have been contacted by the college I am hoping to join in September. I have a freshers induction day in July and so I hope I find out more information on that day.
Do you have any tips on what information I should be trying to find out, what questions I should ask?

Good Afternoon Ben,

I hope all is well, apologies for the slow response here we have been inundated with work experience requests and preparation work for next years Student Motorsport Challenge.

In answer to your question (on the back of my experience when I set out at college and coupled with my tutor experience) I would be focused on the following areas:

1. What does the course involve – not just the title but who is the course written by (City and Guilds or IMI for example) and what are the actual units and content. Does it align with your career aims?
2. How will the course be delivered and how will I be tested? Online, in person, and what % of theory and practical is there. This is important if you are, as you mentioned interested in a hands-on role in the future.
3. What are the contact hours/days?
4. How many are joining the course? (this will determine how much support you get individually)
5. Who are your tutors likely to be, can you meet them ahead of the start in Sept?
6. What do I need before starting the course, for example, PPE, equipment, tools, academic materials?
7. What if I don’t like the course?
8. Can I do anything before September to better prepare myself for the course?
9. Travel arrangements to the college?
10. What extra-curricular activities are there available that will support my development and career in motorsport?

I hope this helps…also, have there been any other developments you can share with your career drive?


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