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Mechanics Channel

Pull apart some ideas and get your head around others. Discuss car builds, troubleshooting, workshops and advice for mechanics.

Mechanics Channel

Pull apart some ideas and get your head around others. Discuss car builds, troubleshooting, workshops and advice for mechanics.

Motorsport Experience

Posted by: MatthewKennedy - Posted: April 20, 2021


I have just joined Student Motorsport as I am looking to get involved with a race team to gain experience. I am a student studying Motorsport Engineering with the National Motorsport Academy. Ideally this would be based close to Bournemouth but am willing to travel for race meetings.

My preference for volunteering would be to gain experience with working on the car throughout the race meeting, and to gain insight into the adjustments to the car set up. Otherwise, I am happy to be able to learn about any aspect of a race teams’ operation.

If anyone knows of any opportunities that may be of interest please contact me (see my profile).



Good Afternoon Matthew,

Thanks for becoming an important part of our community!

We’re thrilled to see you are starting out in a career in the motorsport industry and look forward to seeing you in and amongst the forums, and supporting you in your technician/mechanic career aims.

Your drive to find the experience, and up and above the required 80 hours is great! Relevant skills, and crucially knowledge is lacking in our industry and is key to getting you on the right path to success!

So let’s get started, can you tell us a few things?

1. What fields/areas of motorsport interest you other than becoming a mechanic in a hands-on role, you mentioned set-up in your profile?

2. What sort of racing interests or inspires you, for example, single-seaters or bikes?

3. Do you have any motorsport experience to date?

It’s also great to see you have completed a full Student Motorsport profile which will help you get the most out of our network. It’s also nice to be able to ‘put a face to your name’. Future employers out there will be interested in taking a look at your educational background, your interests and of course, see what your aims are so keep up the good work!


Thanks for the reply. In response to your points above:

1 – For me the main goal is to be involved with the race team at race meetings. I know a lot of the work goes on between races, hence why I also like the idea of being involved in car set up which incorporates a lot of work in both situations. I feel like being involved with this sort of operation or something similar where it requires some level of data analysis and work between race meetings and then applying it at the track would be best suited to me.

2- My main interest would be in ‘tin-tops’ i.e. BTCC, GT cars, ‘club level’ championships etc., although I would also be happy to take the single-seater route if an opportunity allowed for it. My knowledge and interest of bikes is lacking compared to that of cars so would prefer to stick with 4 wheels!

3 – I do not yet have experience in motorsport. I am just looking to volunteer for now to gain experience. I am currently volunteering at a local garage to build my confidence working on cars as much as possible with the aim to have a slight less of a jump into motorsport.


Hi Matthew,

Hope you’re having a great week?

In response:

!. You are much like me, I have to be in the ‘action’ during a race weekend, there is no better feeling being the team rather than a spectator….what a buzz! Set-up is something I have been involved with this week for some of the City Car Cup builds we have been involved in, even at this low level the insight is fantastic and addictive! The pre-event set-up and thus post-event results and analysis is something that is very rewarding particularly if you get positive results to work with.

2. Ah, ‘tin-tops’ you say, good choice, well you have a huge range to choose and to start from. We’d definitely recommend you start at club-level so that you get far more hands-on experience and a ‘taste’ of many different areas as opposed to aiming much higher where at the start you may be limited to far few tasks.

3. That is totally fine and acceptable, we all start off in the same position. You have taken a great step in gaining an understanding of mechanics at your local garage, well done you will lean on these crucial skills you are learning now more than you realise in the future. How long have you been in this role and what sort of tasks are you doing?

So now to work…what steps have you taken other than contacting us for support on gaining valuable work experience to complement your studies?

Good Morning Matthew,

I hope all is well, and I hope my last reply was useful?

Have there been any developments you can share with your career drive?


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