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Electric Channel

A channel to discuss the growing push towards electric propulsion and technology, for a greener sport with new dimensions.

Electric Channel

A channel to discuss the growing push towards electric propulsion and technology, for a greener sport with new dimensions.

Renault 5 EV One-Make Series

Posted by: EnduranceandGT - Posted: January 22, 2021

As much as the whole EV direction grates, as it probably would to any true petrol-head, the new Renault 5 EV really caught my eye. This is a car that I could see myself driving and would make a great platform for a proper one-make series, a point that I am sure Renault are looking at.


Good Evening Andy,

Thanks for your contribution here, new electric vehicles, the potential of another EV racing series and super cool designs all make for really great talking points.

When it comes to electric motorsport, I can’t help but feel drawn to it, yes many feel it, as you put it ‘grates’, but does it…really? Why should we begrudge such positive developments?

Whilst I understand it is ultimately the future of the sport we love, and EV as the norm it pretty much here, or isn’t a million miles away at that EV technology and motorsport is such are interesting rapidly developing areas that are ultimately ‘allowing’ motorsport to continue and crucially flourish.

Sure, I like many I suppose will miss with the sound and smell of a fossil-fuelled going motor, but we will have to accept that these are simply being replaced by the whine of battery-driven electric motors but with bags of development areas.

So hello Renault 5 EV, true classic design reincarnated with a touch of modernisation!

What does anyone else think?

Hi Andy and JP

I think the electric vehicles are going to take some getting used to and i will definatley miss the sound of the engines being warmed up on petrol cars, hoping that club racing does not go to electric too soon!

However the new electric Renault does look a really nice car and will be interesting to see if we start to see them on circuits in the next few years.

Hi Emma,

We hope you are well and the careers drive is still ‘on track’!

So you say electric may take some time to get used to, but don’t all things that are different or revolutionary?

I think we as regular drivers, and even the likes of well-versed racing drivers will quickly adapt to using electric motors, the technology is different but the way we use cars and race cars will largely remain the same, or I may be wrong?

But will the fans and audience adapt as well? I love the sound of ‘fossil-fuelled engines having worked with them in motorsport for years but have you heard any electric racing?

I think the motorsport and ‘whine’ sounds quite cool?


I am well thank you, hope your keeping well too?

My careers drive is certainly still ‘on track’ although it has done a slight de tour on another ambition of mine however I am still aiming to gain my race license very soon.

Like you say anything new takes some getting used to and I am looking forward to seeing how everything adapts.

I have to agree i do love the smell of fossil fuelled engines and and the noise of them first thing in the morning on a race weekend and it is something I have grown up with being in motorsport all my life.

I think fans will adapt however they may take a little longer than drivers and others involved in motorsport. I have never heard an electric race car in person however i have watched Formula E on TV and hope to see them in person at some stage.

Hi Emma,

Slow reply from me sorry, we have been very busy with the SMo Challenge planning so you’ll have to excuse me.

Glad to hear your careers drive is still on point, sure you’ll also get closer to your ambition of becoming a racing driver too and keep us posted as always.

All of us here at Student Motorsport share you’re affection for the fossil fuels motors but sadly (but good in environmental ways) that their time is limited.

Like you said new things take time to get used to, I too think adoption is key, from varying aspects of the industry, such as the fans, the engineers, the suppliers, how and where races are run and thus how it is ‘entertaining’…change is good, right?

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