Last updated: 14th March 2024

We are committed to protecting you while using our site and services. As a user, you have access to a range of tools to control what content you see, what others see about you, and how you report harmful or inappropriate content.

Preferences, Privacy and Posting

This site will send you an Email notification of when other users have interacted with your content, such as commenting on a post you have created, or when you have successfully joined a Discussion Group. You can control which notifications you receive to your Email inbox from the website by going to your account dropdown > Account > Email preferences.

E-mail preferences menu location in profile button
Email Preferences location in your Profile menu
Email preferences page
Email preferences page

You can control who is able to access each field within your profile, based on a range of groupings. Go to your account dropdown > Account > Privacy.

E-mail preferences menu location in profile button
Privacy Settings Menu Location
Profile Privacy Example
Profile Visibility Settings Page

To help control what content you see and what others see from you, we have provided a “Follow” tool for each profile.

Like many other networks, you can Connect with, and “follow” others by visiting their profile and clicking the Connect or Follow buttons. This will allow you to filter the posts in your activity feed by those people you are most interested in.

You can also limit your profile information access and the posts you create to only those that follow you.

To follow a profile, click on a user’s name and locate the Connect menu at the top of the profile page:

You can decide who is able to see a post by selecting a group of users, via the dropdown above the text editing area. This is also a useful way of posting in Discussion Groups without having to navigate to them.

Create post box settings

Who can see your post settings

Reporting Content and Users

Student Motorsport closely monitors content and will act to remove any content inappropriate, harmful, undermining or suspicious. However, if you feel any content you see from users could be deemed any of the above, then you can report the content.

On the offending post, look for the “…” menu button and locate “Report…” link.

You will then be provided with a set of categories and you can choose whichever you think is the most appropriate. Site moderators will investigate.

If the site receives more than 2 reports on the same post, it will automatically be suspended.

It is entirely the moderator’s discretion as to whether content remains, and whether a user is periodically suspended from using the site, or permanently banned.

Report Post

Report Post Options


We will fairly investigate every Report that is raised with us, and will make judgement in the interest of the site, our brand, other brands and our users.

Content that provides misinformation, inappropriate or irrelevant, may be removed and warnings issued. Warnings may propose suspension or bans from using the site or any physical spaces associated with Student Motorsport

If content is deemed to be harmful in any way to an individual or group of individuals, we will take necessary action which may include:

  • Removal of content
  • Suspension from the site for a period of time
  • Explanation of why your conduct is problematic + remedy
  • Outright ban of your account and any other accounts identifiable as you, including by IP address.

You are able to “block” users if you do not wish to see content from them, mention them in posts or add them as a connection/follower. This should only be used when user’s content or interactions are bothering you directly.

This can be done by visiting their profile, and locating the “Block” link at the top of the profile.

The moderation team will be notified of this action to monitor the behaviour of users.

If a user is blocked by more than 3 members, their account will be automatically suspended for moderators to review.

You can unblock users by going to your Account dropdown > Accounts > Blocked Members.


If a report is made that we believe is intended to harm a user and has no basis or justification, we may decide to suspend or ban the reporting user for abusing the tools and taking up moderation time.

Repeated use of the reporting tools by a user may result in a warning, suspension or ban, if the majority of reporting cases are not considered worthy of action.

Your Data

You have the right to edit a post you have created. Each post you have created will have an Edit option.

We (and our system provider) does not provide the ability to edit comments on posts.

You may also Delete posts entirely and all subsequent comments, and any other automatically generated updates. Locate the “…” menu link on each item and click delete.

You are able to request a copy of your site data.

To do this, click your Account dropdown > Account > Export Data.

On submitting a request, the moderation team will review and if approved, the website will send you a .zip file of your data.

Export Data Page

In accordance with UK and European law, you have the right to Erasure of your data from our servers.

By visiting the Account Dropdown > Account, you will be able to delete your profile and data. This will be permanent and automatic once underway. All access to the site, it’s content including paid courses and credit balance will be removed. This access cannot be transferred to another user unless exceptional circumstances occur and agreed by the moderation team.

Contact us

If you have any queries or concerns that cannot be addressed by any of the above, you are welcome to contact us using the form below.

Provide as much information as possible about your query, including any links or names to aid our investivation