Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Top 10 Predictor Game

Member of Student Motorsport? You can enter this free competition to guess the top 10 race results before qualifying starts. For every correct guess you make, we’ll add the designated SMo Credits to your account!

Competition closes at 5pm GMT – Saturday 26th March.

Rules & Terms

  1. No more than 1 entry per user. Multiple entries by the same user will result in disqualification and no credits will be rewarded.
  2. Entries are tracked through logged user account IDs.
  3. No submissions accepted after the deadline.
  4. SMo Credits may be added up to 21 days after the deadline.
  5. The competition is free to enter to registered users of the Student Motorsport website who are eligible to collect SMo credits.
  6. Those associated with Student Motorsport in the form of support, or employees, will not be eligible to collect SMo credits.
  7. SMo Credits will not be exchanged for any other prize or money.
  8. You enter this competition understanding it is hosted by Student Motorsport Ltd and is not promoted or endorsed by the FIA, Formula 1 or the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, or any its competitors.