Dhia El Hak Daamouche

24 years old - Kayseri, Turkey

Dhia El Hak Daamouche

24 years old - Kayseri, Turkey


Current Status: Undergraduate

Studying at: Abdullah Gul University


I solve problems in creative ways. At Abdullah Gul University, where I am completing my senior year at the College of Engineering, I have learned the importance of applying classical strategies to modern-day projects.
Concentrations in electrical and electronic engineering provide a broad knowledge of engineering concepts.
Experience at Trento University, Itlay as a summer intern taught me how to apply image processing concepts to aerospace systems and make use of them to identify certain places from satellites.
Passion for innovation, prototyping, and high-quality manufacturing.


Electrical, Electronic

Career Highlights

  • 2019 -

Career Timeline

2017 - Present


Abdullah Gul University

At Abdullah Gul University, and in particular, our department (Electrical & Electronics Department ), we have been focusing on the technical side more recently. The department has changed the cirriculum and introduced the so-called “capsule system”. In this capsule system, a combination of three to four courses is made and a semester-long project is assigned accordingly. This prepared me well for the post-university challenge and put me in a good position of finding a career path.

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