Emma Brown

29 years old - Oldham, United Kingdom

Emma Brown

29 years old - Oldham, United Kingdom


Current Status: Employed

British Motorsports Marshals Club - Marshal

DBR Motorsport - Chief Pit Personel


I have grown up in motorsport helping my dad run his Formula Ford team DBR Motorsport. This has given me access to many different race series and paddocks including the British GT and TOCA series from which I have gained the confidence to support and run a racing team.

Team Operations
When my brother started racing, I began to play a vital role in the team's operations. Some of my main activities include race car preparation support, pit lane and assembly area support and parts coordination.

I have also had opportunities to work in hospitality which again gave me more confidence to pursue my dream of working full time in motorsport which I am currently working towards!

I have supported a number of drivers, families and teams through the Formula Ford, BTCC and other series with hospitality. My activities have included meeting, entertaining and chaperoning guests and sponsors, through to supporting with catering operations.

When not working on the racing team or within hospitality I am also a volunteer marshal, travelling around the country to many different circuits. In 2021 it will be my 8th season of marshalling and I have not looked back. Marshalling has allowed me to be at the heart of motor racing and given me great memories I share with a great bunch of friends.

I have been able to do all of this whilst playing a vital role as part of the running of a race meeting which allows you to get as close to the action as you can without actually being on track yourself.

My Goal
I am working hard towards working fulltime in the motorsport industry and also hoping to compete in Formula Ford 1600 within the next couple of years!


Mechanic, Hospitality

Career Highlights

  • 2019 - Winning the 2019 Walter Hayes Trophy Pre 93 with DBR Motorsport.
  • 2019 - BTCC Hospitality Support at Thruxton.
  • 2020 - Heritage Formula Ford 1600 Champions with DBR Motorsport

Career Timeline

2013 - Present


British Motorsports Marshals Club


Great time travelling the country visiting many different circuits and championships as part of the role.

2014 - Present


DBR Motorsport

Chief Pit Personel

Whilst running my brother I have travelled all over the UK and Europe ensuring that he is in the assembly area on time, I am also in charge of his pit board ensuring that he is given the information he needs throughout the race and qualifying. When I am not operating the pit board trackside I also ensure that if he comes in during a test session or qualifying session I have the board visible. It's vital to have him entering the pit lane correctly and safely, and in the right area where the rest of the team are ready and waiting. Time is crucial during unscheduled or scheduled stops, we need to ensure we can get him back on track as soon as possible, which means that I release him safely back into the live pitlane.

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