Matthew Kennedy

22 years old - BOURNEMOUTH, United Kingdom

Matthew Kennedy

22 years old - BOURNEMOUTH, United Kingdom


Current Status: Undergraduate

Studying at: National Motorsport Academy


I am a student studying Motorsport Engineering with the National Motorsport Academy. I am looking for work experience with a race team, ideally based close to Bournemouth but am willing to travel for race meetings. My preference for volunteering would be to gain experience with working on the car with other mechanics throughout the race meeting, and to gain insight into the adjustments to the car set up, but am happy to be an extra pair of hands to help wherever is needed in order to learn. I am currently volunteering in a local independent garage to improve my skillset when working on cars, with the aim to be more confident when introduced to the motorsport environment. I am required to gain 80 hours experience for a later module but would like to gain as much experience as possible.


Engineering, Mechanic

Career Timeline

2017 - 2020


Technical Service Technician

I played a key role in the Technical department, with frequent communication with all other aspects of the company. I worked with the sales team and quoting items for customers, assisted the daily operations with technical support, and managed my R&D projects on alternative raw materials, formulation adjustment and new products.

2020 - Present


National Motorsport Academy


Motorsport Engineering -

2015 - 2017



Mathematics - A

Physics - C

Further Mathematics - D

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