Max Pfennings

18 years old - Melick, Netherlands

Max Pfennings

18 years old - Melick, Netherlands


Current Status: School/College Student

Studying at: EF International Language School


I am Max Pfennings and my passion is motorsport, especially Formula 1 and also cars.
I am a highly motivated student currently on a gap year between high school and college. In my gap year I'm attendding EF International Language campus in New York and San Diego. I'm doing this mostly for the experience and also to improve my English. I am currently in the highest level of English classes offered by my schools.

After this year I am going to study Business Innovation at Avans Hogeschool in the Netherlands.

I am also building myself a network on LinkedIn with already +100 connections in the Automotive and Motorsport industry. Feel free to connect with me as we maybe can help each other in the future!


Marketing, Business Development, Public Relations, Sponsorship

Career Timeline

2015 - 2020


Lyceum Schondeln

High School, graduated on Havo level.

2020 - Present


EF International Language School


English level - C2.3 (highest)

International language school were you get taught English with people from all over the world! You also learn a lot about other people's cultures.

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