Oliver Newman

27 years old - Ely, United Kingdom

Oliver Newman

27 years old - Ely, United Kingdom


Current Status: Employed


I have always had a strong passion for motorsport from an early age. I studied BTEC Motorsport at college and gained experience in club level lending a hand. In recent years i have been unable to pursue my passion but it never subsided. With the lockdown of 2020 I saw an opportunity to jump into sim racing, creating my own team in the meantime. JOY Motorsport is running its first season and has started picking up points, I hope we get more!



Career Highlights

  • 2020 - JOY Motorsport created
  • 2020 -

Career Timeline

2010 - 2012


College of West Anglia


Motorsport Engineering level 3 - BTEC

Here i learnt the ins and outs of the world of motorsport. Everything from logistics to driver relations. We ran a 1600 Formula Ford like a team, each race we were assigned a team role and that role changed at every race.

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