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Mechanics Channel

Pull apart some ideas and get your head around others. Discuss car builds, troubleshooting, workshops and advice for mechanics.

Mechanics Channel

Pull apart some ideas and get your head around others. Discuss car builds, troubleshooting, workshops and advice for mechanics.

Work Experience

Posted by: Tiernan_R - Posted: January 31, 2021

I am currently studying at the National College For Motorsport and I am required to complete 20 hours of work experience and I’m willing to do more than I’m required.
I’m a hard worker and I have no objections to what role I am given I just want to be in the environment and just learn more and help in whatever way I can.
Thank you


I currently study here as well I’m in level 3 on my last year just find what’s around you and just send emails constantly and phone up etc you have to let them know that your there. This is the best advice I have for you

Hi Jess,

Welcome to the Student Motorsport community, it’s great to have you here!

Thanks for contributing and supporting Tieran with your advice, we love teamwork!

You’re right in advising to work with what you have around you so to speak. But there is something to be said about contacting motorsport organisations ‘speculatively’ or when, for example, they are not advertising for work experience or jobs. First-time contact (and therefore impressions) is important so probably not best to email too many times, you need to plan.

We do have a super useful article on this in our resources area on volunteering which has a great section on ‘approaching’.

Top Tip:

1. Make sure you are emailing the best point of contact at the organisation. Find an appropriate contact first, not simply an ‘info or enquiries’ address.
2. Follow up with a call a few days later/perhaps a week to check if they have received it.
3. If calling for the first time:

A. Ensure that you have a good idea who to speak to.
B. Think about what it is you are looking for, and how you can be of a benefit to the organisation.
C. Ensure you have ‘done your homework’ on the company, showing interest in them and not what they can just offer you is key to a successful first point of contact.

Hope this helps

Hi Tieran,

Welcome to our network, we’re seeing an increasing number of students from the National College for Motorsport which is great!

We look forward to seeing you in and amongst the forums and supporting you in your career aims. You like many others are looking to secure work experience which is crucial to your development, your enthusiasm is shining through with is great – that alone will put you on the right path to success!

So let’s get started, can you tell us what course you are studying for example (Engineering Technology (Motorsport) EAL Level 2 Diploma).

We also see that you have no preference which area you gain experience in but we really do have to narrow down what it is you are interested in, now is the time to start focussing your energy on working out what it is you ultimately want to do within the industry, and start moulding yourself so that you can achieve it. We have to act on this now so you get the best start you can; we ask this now because we see you have no details completed on your profile.

Also, can we ask why you only have to complete 20 hours of work experience? Most student we talk to have to do a minimum of 30 hours for example.

Top Tip:

Complete a full Student Motorsport profile (with as much detail as possible) so you get the most out of our network. It’s also nice to be able to ‘put a face to your name’. We’re interested in taking a look at your educational background, your interests and of course, see what your aims are, and there are future employers out there looking to do the same.

If you have a completed profile it speaks volumes about you, it’s not just about the posts you create or questions you ask, people want to see who and what type of person creates them.

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