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Silencer (More Images)

LocationThe exhaust silencer is located at the rear of the car along the rear axle.
2021 Regulations Reference5.7.6
Parts to Discard– Exhaust Silencer
– Rubber Mountings
– Exhaust Clamps
Important ChecksIt is recommended to replace worn or damaged exhaust fasteners/mounts/gaskets in order to make the car safe and as reliable as possible.


The exhaust silencer (and entire system) must be removed in order to inspect the centre section and so you can fit the new silencer supplied by the City Car Cup as per the minimum regulations set by the BRSCC and Motorsport UK.

The exhaust system must comply with Motorsport UK silencing regulations J 5.16, J 5.17 and J 5.18

Suggested Disassembly Method (3 Steps)

Step 1. First, ensure the car is at a workable height and secure and support the centre section of the exhaust system with a suitable device such as a transmission jack/lift before starting to remove the exhaust silencer. Although the centre pipe section is supported by a rubber mount it is located quite a way towards the engine, without support the centre section could sag/fall when you remove the silencer putting you at risk, and also puts strain on the system. IMAGE REQUIRED

Safety Tip – Before starting work on the exhaust system (or at any point when working under the vehicle) ensure that it is cool and you are wearing suitable protective eyewear as debris often falls from the underside of the car when removing the exhaust system.

Step 2. Disconnect the exhaust silencer from the mid-section or centre pipe by removing the clamp that connects it to the silencer. In many cases, the bolt/nut and clamp are badly corroded and often brakes upon removal, sometimes requiring cutting off.

Step 3. Finally, unhook the exhaust silencer by removing the rubber mountings on the left and right side and lower the silencer from under the car.