Challenge Car Disassembly Guide

The step-by-step guide to disassembling a donor car in preparation for your CityCar Cup/SMo Challenge racecar build. 

Welcome to the Student Motorsport Challenge Car Disassembly Guide!

This course is designed to inform and support your team during the strip down and preparation of a donor car ready for conversion and entry into the Student Motorsport Challenge. The guidance within has been developed to inform you of the minimum modifications, preparation and important safety considerations that are required. Here we highlight key milestones, such as when parts need to be ordered, which order to disassemble sub-systems, and also feature which areas need particular attention to meet the regulations set by the BRSCC.

Please be aware that whilst the majority of this guide has been based on the Toyota Aygo, there are elements of the Peugeot 107 and Citroen C1 featured throughout, and you will come across images from more than one car. Rest assured that in most cases the systems you see and changes required are almost identical for each model of car.

Points to Remember:

Note that we put in a tremendous effort with our build guide information, that said we do not cover all areas that you will come into contact with, some we leave up to you as our guide in only really intended to cover areas (in the main) where mandatory changes take place. The range of lessons and topics here are intended to serve as guidance to support the car conversion process. We recommend you follow this disassembly order, but you are of course free to carry out the process in any order.

Important: Whilst we make every effort to provide accurate information and guidance it is your responsibility to ensure you work safely within your organisation and that your race car (entry) meets the technical regulations set, by following and adhering to the BRSCC CityCar Cup Championship and Technical regulations.

Updates, revisions and additions are ongoing as we expand and improve our guides throughout the inaugural Student Motorsport Challenge. Additions to images and the information is an ongoing process and changes are being carried out throughout our guides and lessons. Thank you for your requests and keep a lookout for new information and guidance.

We welcome suggestions, feedback, requests and will keep you updated on corrections, revisions, updates and any additions to come!

Best wishes for the disassembly and start of your new build!

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