Challenge Car – Vehicle Source & Build Considerations

An overview and insight into the important things to consider when sourcing your vehicle for entry into the CityCar Cup Championship and Student Motorsport Challenge.

Welcome to the Student Motorsport Challenge Vehicle Source and Build Considerations Guide!

This course is designed to support you or your team when it comes to sourcing a suitable donor car or ready-built race car for entry into the CityCar Cup Championship and Student Motorsport Challenge. 

Sourcing the right vehicle is important for a number of reasons, not least to ensure that you get the best possible start to your racing plans. The vehicle to start with is, of course, also dependent on each individual’s circumstances and a number of important factors and considerations. Early considerations to make include ‘build versus buy’, ‘how to prepare yourselves before a racecar build’, ‘what parts, tools and equipment you’ll need’, right through to the ‘skills required’ and ‘overall development of a racing car’.

Points to Remember:

The guidance within has been developed and written to be mindful of and include those with differing levels of skills and knowledge, so please be aware we’ve covered a wide range and level of competencies when we developed our guides. We’re confident that there’s something here to take away for everyone whether you’re a student enrolled on a motorsport course, an amateur racecar driver looking to build their very own racecar, or a well-seasoned racing team looking to venture into a new racing competition.

The lessons within this course are also linked to several other documents in our overall resources for those entered into the Student Motorsport Challenge. Throughout you may see references and links to documents including the following:

– Vehicle Disassembly Guide
– Vehicle Assembly Guide
– Vehicle Parts Guide
– Equipment & Facilities Guide

Important: Whilst we make every effort to provide accurate information and guidance it is your responsibility to ensure you work safely within your organisation. Your activities must also conform to the safety guidelines and regulations set by MSUK and the BRSCC, and your race car (entry) must meet the technical regulations set, by following and adhering to the BRSCC CityCar Cup Championship and Technical regulations.

Updates, revisions and additions are ongoing as we expand and improve our guides throughout the inaugural Student Motorsport Challenge. Additions to images and the information is an ongoing process and changes are being carried out throughout our guides and lessons. Thank you for your requests and keep a lookout for new information and guidance.

We welcome suggestions, feedback, requests and will keep you updated on corrections, revisions, updates and any additions to come!

Best wishes for the start of your new build and racing plans!

Course Content

Build vs Buy
Finding a Donor Car
Before Starting a Conversion
Parts and Spares
Vehicle Development

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