Meaningful experience

Re-Launching in April – with Placement+ we won’t just send you on your way – we make sure you and your host are prepared for the best experience possible, and you come away knowing your career has taken another step.


We helped Erin gain experience to reach the BTCC and Formula 1

“With Student Motorsport, I’ve connected to people in the industry, gained vital work experience and received mentoring that’s supported me in starting a successful career in motorsport.”

Erin Grocott, Mechanic, Excelr8 BTCC Team

Student Motorsport Placement+ Package

The right approach to placements

We have been arranging placements for passionate students for years. With our package you will go into a placement with a personal and professional development plan to make the most of your experience. Not only will you get a good look at what the future holds, but come away knowing how to get there.

How it works

1. We learn about you in our 'getting started' survey

2. We find you the best available placement

3. You will receive your own development plan

6. We'll check-in with you and your host during the placement

5. Take our Placement Preparation e-course

4. We will make sure your host is ready for a great experience

7. We debrief and find out how it went

8. You will receive a report and updated development plan

9. We'll check-in with you 6 months later

Consultation and sourcing

Start with a plan

What are you aiming for as a career? We start with a consultation to understand where you are in your career path and what it looks like. We then start working on what might be a realistic next step.

GT Cup - Brands Hatch - 2019 - Data Engineer at work

Fully-managed process

Checking in throughout

We handle the communication between you and the host company or team, pre and post your placement, and help get yourself set-up ready to go.

Feedback and coaching

Finding your focus

We provide feedback and guidance during and after your placement to ensure you get the most from your experience, working with your host, educators or parents.

Student Motorsport Jobs Banner - Data Engineer

Career mentoring

Putting your experience to good use​

How are you getting on? We can arrange periodic meetings to check on your longer-term progress and provide continued support or refer you to specialists for consultation or further training.

Providers across the UK and Europe

Helping teams benefit from young talent

We provide feedback and guidance during and after your placement to ensure you get the most from your experience, working with your host, educators or parents.

Placement Client Hosts

Getting started

How to access a Placement+ package

SMo Credits

Use the credits you’ve built up from interacting with our site to purchase a Placement+ package – a very rewarding option and the most easily accessible method.

Cr. 0
Cr. 0 balance

Partner Funding Scheme

Apply for a package funded by a mix of organisations looking to improve the opportunities available across motorsport. Limited availability and eligibility.

Funding TBA

Your School or College

We will work with your school to see if funding is possible. Schools that have membership with us can also purchase SMo Credits at a lower exchange rate to give to you.

The Host

Companies that are looking for students may be prepared to subsidise the full cost to find the right candidate for them. We will list these opportunities in our listings.

Business enquiries - get in touch

Help us support new talent in the industry

Host a student

Whether a few days work experience or a long-term placement, we will work with you to get the best of the opportunity.


We are able to provide work experience and placement arrangement at volume to support your liaison officer.

Funding placements

From network advertising, press and content generation, we provide a range of collaborative opportunities while you support the next generation of talent.

Students - important

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