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"Whether work experience or long-term placements, we can assist at volume"

“We understand the pressure placed on educators and their resources to find placements for their students. Our well-connected consultancy and agency services can help make short work of finding students the placement they need.”

JP Latham - founder and former lecturer with 20 years of motorsport and engineering industry experience

JP Latham - Founder of Student Motorsport


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Frequently Asked Questions

What costs are involved?

Our priority is to make as much of what we do free to student users.

It is free for student’s to apply for the listings we share on our listings channel.

Our mentoring service, unless funded by grant funding, an educator or another party would be charged to the student.

Educators – we are happy to discuss cost packages to use our placement management services.

Placement providers – please get in touch to discuss introductory costs for listing placements or ‘head-hunting’.

As a student, will I be paid?

This largely depends on the provider and the length of time you will be with them.

Placement providers are encouraged to cover expenses.

We believe longer-term placements (as opposed to experience opportunities) should be paid at least minimum wage.

We check each opportunity to minimise the chances of exploitation. Student Motorsport does not take responsibility for the agreement between you.

COVID19 - are placements occuring

We have opportunities to share shortly!

Each placement provider should, as a business, be adhering to guidelines set out by their respective governments and trade bodies.

Student Motorsport will seek evidence of precautions, but please check before committing to a role.

Can I just ask you for advice?

Of course! Whether it’s making decisions about your career or finding information, you can get in touch by e-mail.

Sometimes we might not be able reply straight away, but we’ll make sure we provide an answer to your query.

Do you 'guarantee' your placements?

It is in our interest to ensure placements are useful to all involved, but sometimes, and for a number of reasons, things may not work out. We will help mediate issues and suggest or provide alternatives, but please remember the agreement will be between each party, the individual and the placement provider.

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