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The benefits of working with Student Motorsport Jobs

Use the network to your advantage

By being an active member of our network, you are showing dedication to your career and personal development. Our employers will see this - giving you a competitive edge and increasing the chances of a great match and a flying start.

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Be ready to strike with your CV

Submit CVs to the network to make applications quicker and so employers and talent scouts can fast-track their process of finding the ideal candidate.

Backed up with your network profile, you and employers should have everything they need to make a connection.

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GT Cup - Brands Hatch - 2019 - Data Engineer at work

Talent Scouting

Finding you and the role you deserve

When an employer commissions our Talent Scouting service, we will scan through the members directory, their CVs and talk to educators to find the best talent to put forward for a role.

If selected, we’ll guide you through the process and ensure you are as ready as can be, even providing notes and course material to work through.

Job Resources and Advice

Preparing you to exceed expectations

Whether it’s for a placement or a job, we have resources available to ensure you are ready to enter the workplace with confidence and exceed expectations.

Enrol to free, yet exclusive* courses such as our ‘Getting Work-Ready’ course and even consult with our team pre and post a placement.

Mini Challenge - AReeve Motorsport - Brands Hatch - 2019 - Wheel Removal


Get the vital experience you need

In such a competitive environment, we are trying to create as many opportunities as we can in the industry.

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